Award to Netflix Producer – level 3

24-01-2020 07:00

Ted Sarandos is the chief content officer at Netflix who has worked at the company since 2000.

He brought the platform’s first original shows such as “Lilyhammer,” “House of Cards,” and “Orange Is the New Black;” he also brought original movies such as “Roma,” “The Irishman,” and “Marriage Story.”

This year, the Producers Guild of America will give Sarandos its Milestone Award. The president of the guild said that Sarandos has made a platform for producers to create new work “that may not otherwise be seen.”

However, all of that original content is expensive. Netflix may spend more than $17 billion on content this year, and the platform is $13.5 billion in debt. Netflix may talk about this issue next week when it talks about how much money it recently made.

Difficult words: guild (a group of people who work in the same kind of job), milestone (an important event), debt (when you spend more money than you have and you have to pay it back).

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