Baltic countries are scared of Russia – level 2

07-04-2022 07:00

In the past, Russia was in the Soviet Union, which was a superpower just like the US. At one time, the Soviet Union had 15 republics, including Ukraine and Belarus.

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, but Russia tried to get some parts of it again. Now, Russia is trying to get Ukraine again. Some countries worry that are close to Russia; they worry that Russia could attack them in the future, too. For example, they are the Baltic countries.

The Baltic countries are three small countries between Russia and Belarus. They are Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Some people already contacted their families and friends in other countries, as they worry that Russia will attack them. If it happens, the US and other countries will help them because they are part of the EU and NATO, and NATO members defend each other.

Difficult words: superpower (a country which has a lot of power), collapse (to fall), defend (to keep safe from an attack).

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