Barbies and Gender – level 3

04-10-2019 07:00

Since the famous Barbie doll first appeared in 1959, it has changed styles, but its body shape was always too perfect. People accused its maker, Mattel, of promoting a beauty standard which was unrealistic.

However, now Mattel has decided to offer a diversified line of dolls that are genderinclusive.  Kids can choose the gender and personalize their dolls. They can choose the colour of hair, the color of skin, the clothing, and the accessories. Some options are more feminine and others are more masculine. Mattel also changed Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken, and created a doll with a prosthetic leg and another in a wheelchair.

The doll’s price is $30.00. Mattel worked with doctors, parents and kids to create a doll “free of labels” and to be more natural.

Difficult words: diversified (including a wide variety of things), gender-inclusive (allowing more choices than just “boy” or “girl”), prosthetic (an artificial replacement for a body part).

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