Big Snake in Florida – level 3

19-04-2019 15:00

People found a 5-metre and 64-kilogram female python in the Big Cypress National Preserve in southern Florida. Usually, pythons are between two to three metres long there.

People found this python by putting a radio transmitter on a male python to find the female pythons. This helps people find the snakes and learn how they live in the preserve.

The type of snake comes from Southeast Asia, but it lives in Florida because of a few reasons. Pet owners release this type of snake when they get too big, or people release them during hurricanes.

Pythons are an invasive species for the native animals of Florida, and they do not have a predator to lower their numbers. People try to remove as many as they can.

Difficult words: python (a big snake which kills animals with its big body, not by biting them), preserve (a place where animals are protected), invasive species (a type of animal or plant that comes from another place and invades a new place – there starts to be too many of them).

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