Black hole in our galaxy – level 3

18-05-2022 15:00

Eight synchronized radio telescopes worked together around the world to capture the first image of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

The Event Horizon Telescope gave scientists the first look our black hole; scientists call it the Sagittarius A star. The image shows a bright ring that surrounds the darkness, the telltale shadow of the black hole. The object is four million times the size of our Sun, and the ring is about 60 million kilometers, roughly the size of Mercury’s path around our star.

The image doesn’t actually show the black hole but the material, gas, and dust that it is swallowing in real time. Nobody knows what happens in the center of a black hole or at the edge of it because the black hole’s gravity is under extreme conditions. The image can teach scientists how matter behaves under these conditions, and it can help them understand the nature of gravity itself.

Difficult words: synchronized (operating at the same time or rate), telltale (a sign of something), matter (physical substances in the universe).

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