Boeing Employees’ Communication – level 3

15-01-2020 07:00

Internal communications between Boeing employees are raising more questions about its 737 Max jet. Some employees joked about deceiving US regulators while the plane was being developed.

Some communications show that there was concern about the simulator that was training pilots to fly the 737 Max, and other employees criticized the plane’s design.

The communications were released by Congress, which is investigating the design and certification of the plane, following the two crashes that killed 346 people. The chairman of the House Transportation Committee said that the messages show a coordinated effort to conceal critical information from regulators and the public.

Boeing called the messages completely unacceptable, and the company is currently working to get the 737 Max re-certified.

Difficult words: deceive (to cause someone to believe something that is not true), coordinated (organized), conceal (to keep secret).

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