Boris Johnson’s New Baby – level 3

05-05-2020 07:00

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and his fiancée, Carrie Symonds, became parents to a baby boy who was born on Wednesday.

According to the BBC, the couple’s spokesperson said that both Symonds and the baby are doing well, and Johnson is expected to take a short paternity leave later this year. No name has been announced yet; however, British bookmakers are taking bets on Wilfred, Winston, and Alexander.

Johnson officially returned to work on Monday, after his hospitalization for COVID-19 earlier in April. He said that he would like to get the economy reopened as soon as possible. However, Johnson does not want to move too quickly, and risk a second coronavirus outbreak.

Difficult words: fiancée (a woman engaged to be married), bookmaker (a person whose job is to accept and pay out amounts of money risked on a particular result, often in sports; it is a type of gambling), bet (the money that someone risks when he predicts the result of an event or the predicted result).

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