Boy Scouts and Sexual Abuse – level 3

03-05-2019 15:00

A victims’ rights law firm is accusing almost 8,000 Boy Scout leaders of sexual abuse to almost 12,000 children. The victims’ rights law firm released the names of about 50 of the accused abusers in New Jersey.

It is filing lawsuits in New Jersey and in New York.

The information comes from a professor who reviewed the Boy Scouts’ ‘perversion files’ for the last five years. The professor said that the organisation works hard to protect children, and there was no cover-up.

The Boy Scouts of America said that it reports all suspected abuse to law enforcement, it has required youth protection trainings, it performs background checks, and it has a database to screen volunteers of inappropriate behaviour.

Difficult words: perversion (doing things that are socially or morally unacceptable), cover-up (hide information), screen (find out information about something or someone).

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