Britain Leaves the EU – level 3

14-01-2020 07:00

On Thursday, lawmakers approved legislation that will let Britain leave the EU on January 31 under a Brexit deal agreed to last year.

Lawmakers voted 330 to 231 to approve the European Union Bill, and the legislation is now heading to the Parliament’s upper chamber for debate. The Brexit bill is expected to become law in coming weeks.

After January 31, the UK will enter a transition period where it will still have to follow EU trade rules until December 31. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, wants to start a free trade deal then.

Brussels is worried that the deadline is not enough, and it has offered to give the UK an extension. However, Johnson said that the UK does not need more time, and it has to break free from EU rules as soon as possible.

Difficult words: upper chamber (one of the two parts of a parliament), transition (the period of changing from one state or condition to another), extension (the act of getting more time).

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