California After Fires – level 3

28-10-2019 15:00

In 2017 and 2018, terrible wildfires hit California. The company PG&E provides gas and electricity to an area in California, and it has had financial troubles since the fires.

Many victims of the fires claimed damage accidentally caused by PG&E equipment. About 100,000 victims are eligible for money, but about 70,000 victims still have not filed for the money. They have little time to do this because the deadline is next Monday.

Lawyers say that some victims did not understand the process or they thought they needed an attorney. Some people believed that they could not file a claim because they already got insurance money.

Difficult words: claim (formally demand money after a disaster or an accident), eligible (have the right to get something), attorney (a person who acts for other people in legal matters), insurance (a deal which guarantees money or help for a problem ifa person pays money before the problem).

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