Canada Gun Ban – level 3

07-05-2020 07:00

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced an immediate nationwide ban on assault-style firearms. The ban stops the purchase, sale, transport, import, and use of military-grade weapons.

Trudeau said that these weapons were designed to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time, and there is no use and no place for such weapons in Canada. There will be a two-year amnesty period to give gun owners enough time to comply with the new rules. Also, the government will soon introduce new laws to start a buy-back program for the banned firearms.

The ban comes nearly two weeks after a gunman killed 22 people in Nova Scotia, which was the deadliest shooting in Canadian history.

Difficult words: amnesty (an official pardon), comply (to obey a rule), buy-back (the buying back of goods by the original seller).

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