Ceasefire in Palestine – level 3

19-11-2019 07:00

On Tuesday, Israeli forces killed an Islamic Jihad commander and his wife  which started a series of attacks in Gaza city.

The cross-border violence caused the death  of at least 34 Palestinians, and more than 60 people in Israel were also injured. Hamas, the Islamic terrorist group that governs the Gaza Strip, said that Israel continues its aggression and terrorism against the Palestinian people.

However, after two days of intense fighting, the Islamic Jihad and Israel agreed to ceasefire. The Islamic Jihad agreed to maintain a weekly protest march along the Gaza border peacefully, while Israel agreed to stop shooting at protesters.

Difficult words: commander (the leader of a military operation), ceasefire (an agreement in which countries or military groups stop fighting for some period of time), march (an event in which a large number of people walk in streets to express their support of something or their disagreement with something).

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