Changing Facebook – level 3

17-05-2019 15:00

Chris Hughes was a co-founder of Facebook, and he wrote in the New York Post that it is time for the company to break up.

He said that Facebook and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, have far too much power beyond the private sector or the government. He added that Zuckerberg should regulate how giant Facebook has become, saying that although Zuckerberg is a good person, he sacrificed ‘security and civility for clicks’.

Other people and groups are asking for more regulation over Facebook after its recent data privacy problems. Zuckerberg has admitted that he would be open to some control of the Internet – one which could preserve what is best about it while protecting people from harm.

Difficult words: co-founder (someone who helps to found – start a company), civility (politeness, thinking about other people), harm (a bad effect or danger).

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