Climate Fund – level 3

05-11-2019 07:00

Twenty-seven countries pledged $9.8 billion to the Green Climate Fund which helps developing countries fight climate change. Donors include Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Poland.

However, The US and Australia did not participate. Former President Barack Obama pledged $3 billion, but current president Donald Trump reduced the number to $1 billion.

The Climate Action Network criticized the US and Australia. It says that they do not help the world’s poorest countries, and they isolate themselves from the other helping countries.

The director of the Green Climate Fund says that it is possible to find other resources. He also hopes to almost double the fund over the next four years.

Difficult words: pledge (a formal promise to give money), donor (a person who or a country which gives money), isolate (to choose not to work with others), resources (money or things which somebody has and can use them when they need).

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