Coronavirus and Olympics – level 3

26-02-2020 15:00

London officials said that the city is ready to host the 2020 Olympics if the coronavirus outbreak forces the event to move from Tokyo.

Shaun Bailey, the London mayoral candidate, said that the International Olympic Committee should seriously consider the possibility. He added that the city already has the infrastructure and the experience from hosting the 2012 Olympics. Bailey also said that he will make sure that London is ready to host the biggest sporting event again if he is elected the mayor of London.

According to Japan’s Health Ministry, there are nearly 100 confirmed coronavirus cases. The International Olympic Committee said that it does not believe that the coronavirus outbreak will stop the 2020 Olympics from taking place in Tokyo.

Difficult words: outbreak (a sudden and quick start to something), mayoral candidate (the person who is nominated for election as the head of a town), International Olympic Committee (a sports organization that is responsible for organizing the Olympic Games), infrastructure (the system of buildings, roads and services).

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