Coronavirus in Europe – level 3

01-05-2020 07:00

After implementing some of the most severe coronavirus lockdowns, some European nations are now planning to loosen those restrictions.

Italy, France, and Spain hope that the worst of COVID-19 is behind them, and they are all planning to gradually ease confinement measures.

Italy will reopen manufacturing on May 4, while Spain will allow outdoor family activities and exercise around the same time. While Italy has already said that schools will remain closed until September, children in France will return to classrooms on May 11. In Spain, children flooded into the streets on Sunday, after staying in their homes for the past six weeks. Only parents had been allowed out of the house; however, they were restricted to essential trips.

Many countries are still keeping some restrictions in place because of fears of a second coronavirus outbreak.

Difficult words: implement (to start using a plan or system), confinement (the state when a person is forced to stay in a place and he cannot leave), essential (absolutely necessary).

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