Dangerous Virus – level 3

27-01-2020 15:00

The Chinese city of Wuhan is the epicenter of Coronavirus, a new virus that is spreading fast. It causes a type of pneumonia, and it can be passed from person to person.

In the early stages, the symptoms include a fever, fatigue and difficulty with breathing. The infection can cause mild to severe disease; however, in can be fatal in some cases.

The number of infected people is on the rise, and the World Health Organization spokesperson said that more cases are expected in other parts of China and possibly in other countries, too. So far, there have been reported cases in China, Japan, Thailand, and South Korea.

In response to the outbreak, many airports around the world have started screening passengers.

Difficult words: epicenter (the point where something originates), pneumonia (an infection of the lungs), fatigue (extreme tiredness that is a result of an illness).

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