Dangerous Wasps – level 3

08-05-2020 07:00

For the first time, Asian giant hornets have been spotted in the US.

Researchers call the bee-killing bugs ’murder hornets’. Beekeepers in Washington State have reported piles of dead bees with their heads ripped off, and they linked them to the hornets.

The two-inch-long insects carry a sting that can be deadly to humans if a person gets stung multiple times. According to The New York Times, hornets kill about 50 people a year in Japan.

The giant hornets have only been seen in the Washington State area, and scientists do not know how they got to the US. Officials advise people that if they see a hornet, they should alert Washington’s Department of Agriculture and not try to kill the hornet themselves.

Difficult words: hornet (a large wasp that has a powerful sting, and it can be dangerous to humans), beekeeper (a person who breeds bees for their honey), ripped off (pulled off).

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