Dogs help stop the coronavirus – level 2

28-05-2021 07:00

French scientists found out that dogs could detect the coronavirus.

It seems that dogs can sniff COVID-19 in people’s sweat. Dogs could sniff COVID-19 in 97% of people who were COVID-19 positive, and in 91% of people who were COVID-19 negative. It means that they were more successful than some tests. The usual 15-minute tests, which people can do at home, can tell if somebody is healthy, but they are not so good at detecting the coronavirus.

The results mean that people could use dogs in airports, train stations, or other crowded places. It could be much faster than testing people and it would also cost less money.

Difficult words: detect (to find out that something exists), sniff (to use the nose to smell something), sweat (the salty liquid which comes out through the skin when somebody is hot, ill, or during exercise).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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