Elephant Paints Pictures – level 3

09-07-2018 15:00

Shanti the elephant’s paintings fetched 2000 dollars apiece. Yes, that is right. Somebody paid 2000 dollars for a painting done by an elephant.

Shanti’s was on a creative streak knocking out 12 paintings, but now she is refusing to put brush to canvas. The curator of a Prague gallery came up with an entirely improbable reason why.

The director said that “she starred as an elephant named Bimbo in the movie “Alarm in the Sky,” which is important because if the career of an actor or a singer reaches a certain point, they may stop making art.

So, now if the artist is in some sort of depression, we will just have to wait for her next wave of creativity. She is an elephant.“

Still there is good cause for all of this. Shanti’s paintings raise money for an elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka. So, let’s hope that she gets the brush and trunk again, and someone forks out a pile of cash to get an elephant in the room.

Difficult words: fetch (bring), apiece (for one piece), streak (a period of time), knock out (produce), canvas (a piece of cloth you paint on), curator (the director of a gallery), improbable (unlikely), sanctuary (an area where animals are protected), fork out (pay a lot of money), elephant in the room (a saying that means there is something to talk about but no one wants to talk about it).

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What do you think about the elephant?


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