Endangered Penguins Get Help – level 3

04-01-2018 07:00

Hundreds of people came to see penguins at the beach! People had to rescue them because they were looking for different places to live to get away from people wanting to see them.
At the Boulders Penguin Colony, people care for roughly 3,500 African penguins. People have brought 700 African penguins to the colony for rehabilitation as the birds are endangered.

A doctor said that the penguins first became endangered due to guano harvesting and egg collecting, and they continue to suffer from a lack of food. They mainly eat sardines and anchovies which are affected by fishing and climate variation.

Luckily, the penguin population has grown because of the extra care that people are giving the birds.

Difficult words: roughly (about), rehabilitation (help something or someone improve or heal), guano (a scientific term for the poop from certain animals).

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