Epidemic in Africa – Level 3

01-10-2019 07:00

There has been an outbreak of measles in Congo which has already killed 3,500 people this year. This is a lot more than during the epidemic of Ebola. There are mostly children among the dead.

The Congolese government and the World Health Organization (WHO) have a plan to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of children who are younger than five years old.  The WHO announced the third campaign this year as an emergency situation.

Over 180,000 people may suffer from measles in Congo. According to the WHO, this is the largest and fastest-moving measles epidemic in the last ten years. The number of global reported cases almost tripled compared with 2018.

Difficult words: outbreak (when a disease happens suddenly and many people catch the disease), epidemic (when a lot of people are sick from a disease), vaccinate (give medicine to stop a disease).

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