Equal Pay Day – level 3

23-04-18 07:00

April 10 was Equal Pay Day for all people. An actress wrote an essay in a newsletter asking why she makes less than her male co-stars.

Another actor said that it did not make sense for his female co-star to make less than he did, especially when she won a Golden Globe for her role. In England, a BBC editor resigned when she found out that women were not being paid equally at BBC.

A tennis star also called for equal pay for black women in the US. Oprah Winfrey explained that the ‘Time’s Up Movement’ is not just for the women of Hollywood but for the women of the world. She said that all cultures, races, religions, politics, and workplaces have been affected by inequality.

Difficult words: Golden Globe (an award for people who work on television shows), resign (choose to quit a job), Time’s Up Movement’ (a movement for women to get more rights and protections).

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