Expensive working dog – level 3

21-06-2021 15:00

Hoover the Australian kelpie was sold for $35,200 to anonymous buyers at a working dog auction in Victoria, Australia.

The previous auction record for a working dog was $25,000 in 2019. An auction worker said that possibly Hoover’s cost went so high due to a shortage of farm workers and due to the fact that the auction was online because of the pandemic.

A kelpie is an Australian dog that is a descendant of the British border collie which also herds animals. A video demonstrated Hoover’s skills working with sheep and cattle in many places. He is two years old, and he can run across vast distances quickly to herd large groups of animals with precision.

Difficult words: kelpie (an Australian dog similar to a British border collie), descendant (a person or animal who is related to a known person or animal), cattle (cows and bulls), herd (to make animals move together as a group), precision (very exact and careful).

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