Fake Facebook Accounts – level 3

19-02-2020 07:00

Facebook removed three networks of accounts that were trying to manipulate users with misinformation.

These networks were not related to each other, and they were based in Russia, Iran, Vietnam, and Myanmar. In total, Facebook removed 97 accounts, 21 pages and 29 groups.

Facebook said that the Russian campaign was the largest, and it mostly targeted Ukraine. Individuals, who posed as locals, posted content about local and political news. The people behind this network tried to hide their identities; however, Facebook’s investigation found links to Russian military intelligence services.

The Iranian campaign was much smaller. It targeted the US, and it used similar ideas. Campaigns in Myanmar and Vietnam involved creating fake consumer groups, and they criticized telecom providers and a PR company.

Difficult words: campaign (a planned series of business or political activities to achieve a specific goal), pose (to pretend to be someone else and to give false information), content (information).

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