Fake Fans – level 3

11-05-2020 15:00

After a weeks-long delay because of the coronavirus pandemic, South Korea’s professional baseball league has officially opened its new season.

The country recorded its lowest number of new daily coronavirus cases in nearly three months. However, fans will be barred from games until officials from the Korea Baseball Organization deem the situation completely safe.

The league began behind closed doors; however, there was a fake crowd made of pictures showing absent fans in the stands. Hundreds of spectators’ seats were covered with photos of fans wearing masks.

However, the cheerleaders were real, and they set up an online messaging board for fans as an alternative way of supporting their favorite players. Some fans peered through the stadium barriers to catch a glimpse of the game.

The country’s professional football league will start on Friday, also without spectators at the stadiums.

Difficult words: barred (to be not allowed to enter), deem (to regard), catch a glimpse (to see something for a short period of time).

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