Fashion Companies and the Environment – level 2

29-03-2021 15:00

Many countries signed the Paris climate deal in 2016, and many companies promised that they would care more about the environment.

Big fashion companies said that they would choose better materials and reduce waste and emissions. Recently a report said that these companies were not successful.

A study looked at the fifteen biggest fashion brands and the highest possible score, which they could get, was 100. The most important things were emissions, waste, workers’ rights, water, and materials. Most companies scored around 36 points, and it meant that they did not keep their promise. The biggest problems were waste and workers’ rights.

More than 70% of people prefer buying clothes which do not harm the environment. It means that fashion companies must try harder to keep their promises or they will lose customers.

Difficult words: waste (material or things which a company does not want and throws it away), emission (a gas that comes from a machine), score (the number of points which somebody gets in a game or test), workers’ rights (things which workers must have or get, for example, pay or a safe working place).

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