Five Facts about Putin – level 3

22-03-2018 07:00

Here are five shocking facts about Vladimir Putin as he enters his fourth term as Russian president: first, he has a personality cult, and you can find his face everywhere in everyday life in fashion, art, and even food packaging.

Second, he has two famous friends from Hollywood who are Steven Seagal and Mickey Rourke.

Third, Putin loves the great outdoors and visits the mountains of Siberia often. Despite the unforgiving climate in Siberia, he does not wear a lot of clothing in his pictures! Fourth, he had an outburst over domestic terrorism when he said that extremists could come to Moscow to have their penises completely removed instead of just circumcised. Lastly, he enjoys participating in sports such as hockey and karate.

Difficult words: personality cult (when the public really admires a famous person such as a political leader), Siberia (the northern area of Russia where there are forests, lakes, and ice), unforgiving climate (a place that is very cold or very hot), outburst (saying something angrily), extremist (a person with extreme views), circumcise (cut a part of the penis according to tradition).

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