George H. W. Bush Dies – level 3

07-12-2018 07:00

People called George H. W. Bush the ‘odd job’ man in politics, as he undertook short notice and difficult tasks throughout his life.

Prior to politics, Bush was the youngest Naval aviator in WWII in Navy history, and he became a millionaire running an oil company. Then he entered politics in Houston, Texas, and he worked in different positions to keep the people working there united and to restore morale.

In 1980, Ronald Regan brought Bush on as vice president, and in 1989, the American people elected him as the 41st president of the US. He had a busy beginning with many events happening, but he handled them all.

In 1992, Bush lost the re-election to Democrat Bill Clinton. Later on, Bush saw his son become the 43rd president. Until his death this year, Bush was the oldest living US president.

Difficult words: odd job (an unusual job or task), undertook (work on something difficult), aviator (a pilot of a plane), restore morale (help a group of people feel better about a situation).

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