Girl Lives in Terrible Home – level 3

29-03-2019 07:00

In Moscow, a 5-year-old girl lived in squalor in an apartment due to her mother’s neglect. The girl lived with trash all around her, the furniture was smashed, and dirt covered the walls.

There was no water and electricity as the mother had not paid the bills. The girl is now in hospital.

A spokesperson for children’s rights said that the girl would not eat the food that people offered her, but she would smell it and hold it. She said that the girl needs to learn how to sleep in a bed and is also afraid of water. Another person said that the girl appears to not know how to speak.

Police arrested the mother and are investigating the situation.

Difficult words: squalor (extreme dirtiness), due to (because of), neglect (when someone does not do the things he or she needs to do to take care of a person, an animal or a place).

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