Global Population in 2100 – level 3

28-06-2019 15:00

The Pew Research Centre wrote its own report on the UN’s World Populations Prospects for 2019, in which the UN estimates that the world population will grow from 7.7 billion now to 10.9 billion in 2100.

The reports say that five African countries will add over half of that population increase by 2050 and one Asian country will add over half of that increase in 2100.

Pew also says that the yearly population growth rate will fall from 1–2% a year to 0.1%. One reason is the average fertility rate will fall. One woman has 2.5 births a year now, but it will fall to 1.9 births in 2100.

The UN says that based on this data, is possible that the world’s population will increase, stabilise, or decrease.

Difficult words: prospects (chances, potentials), fertility rate (how many children you can have), stabilise (stop getting bigger or smaller).

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