Goosebumps – level 1

03-04-2024 15:00

Goosebumps are small bumps on our skin. They make our hair stand up.

We get goosebumps when we are scared or angry. We get them when we watch a scary movie or listen to our favorite music. We get goosebumps when we are cold.

Animals get goosebumps, too. They keep them safe. The animals look bigger. This situation saves them from predators. Raised hair or fur also keeps animals warm.

Adrenaline causes goosebumps. Adrenaline is a chemical in the body.  It makes the heart beat faster. The body usually makes it when in danger. People have more adrenaline when they experience a strong emotion.

Difficult words: predator (an animal which eats other animals), fur (the short hair of some animals, for example, a rabbit), emotion (a strong feeling, for example, love or anger).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

What are some of the ways that animals use goosebumps to protect themselves from predators?


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