Health Care Changes – level 3

05-07-2019 07:00

President Donald Trump signed an executive order that gives more transparency regarding health care costs in the USA. The order says that health insurers and providers must tell their patients what they will actually pay out of pocket.

The hope is that this will lower medical costs when patients know the costs ahead of time. They can go to different places to get the best prices when they know the costs.

However, it is not clear how the government will enforce this order and if it will actually lower prices. Some people think that it may raise prices because health companies will know what the others charge.

The president also wants drug makers to show the drug costs in TV ads. Drug makers and health companies are arguing against these changes.

Difficult words: executive order (when the president tells the government to make laws for certain situations), transparency (honesty and openness), enforce (to make something happen).

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