Hobbies Are Great – level 3

07-06-2019 07:00

According to the magazine ‘Psychology Today’, a hobby is important for people for many reasons. Firstly, a hobby structures your time because you have to make time for the hobby.

Secondly, the hobby rejuvenates you when you lose yourself in focusing on the activity. Thirdly, it relieves stress from your daily life. Fourthly, you are more social as you meet people who do the same hobby, and you also become more interesting if you do more activities.

The sixth reason is the hobby’s effects on the brain. Your brain gets efficient as you do your hobby or learn new skills. The new skill turns on the brain’s neurons to make more connections, and thus you learn quicker and slow down ageing. You also increase the material in the brain that keeps it working well.

Having a hobby can change your life in many ways!

Difficult words: rejuvenate (make you seem younger, give you energy), lose yourself (when you focus only on what you are doing; you do not notice time passing), neurons (the connections in the brain that send signals to make the brain work).

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