Hong Kong Man Complains – level 3

03-12-2019 07:00

In August, Simon Cheng, a former British Consulate worker from Hong Kong, was detained in China for 15 days on charges of soliciting prostitutes.

Cheng said that he is innocent and that the police tortured him for information about the UK’s role in Hong Kong’s anti-government protests.

China denies that, and the state media aired a video of Cheng’s forced confession. In the video, Cheng said that he is guilty, and he is determined to change. Cheng is in hiding now, but he filed a complaint with Britain’s Office for Communications.

CGTN, the Chinese-run station which aired the confession, is licensed by the UK broadcast regulator. Cheng says that airing the confession violates the British Broadcasting Code, as well as the European Convention on Human Rights.

Difficult words: solicit (to ask for something and pay money), torture (to cause pain to somebody in order to force him to do or say something), forced confession (to make somebody say that he did something), violate (to break a rule or a law).

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