Hotel Guests Information – level 3

08-04-2020 07:00

The Marriott hotel chain says that one of its internal data systems has been hacked. Marriott revealed the breach on Tuesday and said that it may affect approximately 5.2 million guests.

The data system contained Marriott customers’ names, addresses and phone numbers, as well as loyalty program details and airline information.

Marriott confirmed that credit card information and passwords were not stored in the system. The breach probably began in January; however, the company did not learn about it until more than a month later. Marriott said that it is sending emails to those guests who might be affected.

In 2018, the company revealed that hackers had accessed the personal information of almost 500 million guests in its reservations database.

Difficult words: breach (when somebody breaks a barrier or a defense), loyalty program (when companies give extra benefits to loyal customers), database (a large amount of data that is stored in a computer system).

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