How Big Is The Online Mobile Gambling Market: Predictions For 2024 Growth – level 3

21-05-2024 10:00

Over the years, the realm of online mobile gambling boasts a very fast and impressive growth. Now, it is at the point where almost no other business has ever reached this height that the market is at. Even now, various games like blackjack, slots for mobile devices and roulette have been experiencing this transformation; but does this mean there is no more room for growth?

Of course not, and the 2024 predictions are evidence of this. In this year, lots of advancements will happen to further launch this market forward and into the stars. In this article, we thus aim to shed more light on these advancements and how they will shape the mobile gambling market.

Bigger Revenue Generation

The online mobile gambling market is an industry that has seen one of the most profitable and swift revenue growth. This is made possible because more and more people have been turning to the gambling world as their source of entertainment. As a result, more revenue is being generated.

According to statistics, the year 2024 is expected to come with an increase in the number of users; an expected amount of 200 million global users. The result of this is an even bigger revenue stream of up to $100.90 billion. And this revenue is expected to rise by another 6.20% at the end of the year which means more profit for both consumers and online platforms.

Redefining Online Gambling With Immersive Technology

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Generative AI technologies have been very present in the gambling industry for years now. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize the gambling experience of the average gambler by replicating the actual land-based experience. This way, it makes it possible for the player to be transported into the gaming world by simply putting on VR goggles or headsets.

Through this, players will enjoy more immersive experiences that allow a smooth blend of both the physical and virtual worlds. Also, this will attract more gamblers which will then heighten engagement to the highest levels possible. And all of this is what we can expect 2024 to bring with it.

More Efficient and Speedy Game Designs

The world of online gambling thrives on speedy, efficient, and less cumbersome games. Thus, the 2024 growth of this market will bring with it the availability of games with less extensive designs. Also, through this, gamblers will then be able to play their favorite games and have a more personalized and immersive experience.

Better, Secure, and More Convenient Payment Systems

As the use of mobile devices to play online casino games increases, the need for convenient online payment options also increases. Thus, it’s expected that more online payment gateways will arise to appease the needs of customers. These options will thrive in providing swift and secure transactions wherein consumers never have to worry about their hard-earned cash.

Advanced Security Technology and Safety Protocols

Security technology has been enjoying a new rave and the gambling industry has welcomed this with open arms. Casinos now use mobile tech like face recognition, iris scan, and fingerprint access to boost user authentication, With this technology, online casinos can now enforce that only authorized patrons can access their accounts.

Furthermore, this advance in security tech will eradicate the fear of cyber fraud as it adds an extra layer of security for users. And in cases where underage gambling is suspected, the system can use this to enforce responsible gambling.

Improvements In Social Elements

In the iGaming world, another major development to occur is that more gambling sites will replicate land-based casino atmospheres creating a more immersive experience for players. In doing so, it will allow for more players to enjoy the social interactions that land-based casino patrons revel in. Thus, features such as leaderboards, live messaging, chat rooms, social groups, etc. will enjoy more prominence.

Responsible Gambling Enjoys More Spotlight Focus

In 2024, it’s expected that the concept of responsible gambling will become more mainstream. More and more online gambling platforms will take greater social and legal responsibility to prevent participants from becoming addicted to the game.

Some responsible gambling protocols we can expect include stricter deposit limits, limited game time, and awareness programs. Moreover, we expect the availability of easier access to therapy sessions for those who are already on the hook of gambling addiction. Even now, some initiatives have begun spreading the word and putting programs in place to ensure gamers play responsibly.


The year 2024 holds a lot of promise for the iGaming community, making it a great time to be part of this industry.

With lots of opportunities for revenue growth, social interaction, and even better games, there’s so much to look forward to. So, sit tight and enjoy yourself as you play responsibly.

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