Inactive Twitter Accounts – level 3

04-12-2019 15:00

Twitter announced that it will start to remove inactive accounts and that users will have until December 11 to login if they want to keep their accounts.

The company wanted to start deleting accounts that were inactive in the last six months. The plan was to present more accurate information on Twitter.

Now, Twitter is rethinking its plan following feedback from users who said that this would delete the posts of people who have died. In a statement on Wednesday, the company said that it will not remove any inactive accounts until it creates a new way for people to memorialize accounts.

The company clarified that for now, the plan would only affect EU accounts due to local regulations. However, to ensure the integrity of the service in the future, Twitter wants to enforce its inactive account policy globally.

Difficult words: memorialize (to do something so that a person is remembered), integrity (a state of unity), enforce (to make sure that people follow a rule).

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