Insect Ice Cream – level 3

17-05-2019 07:00

At a store in Cape Town, South Africa, food technicians turned maggots into ice cream. The employees make a juice from the maggots, add ingredients like cocoa, and put the insects into the ice cream-making machine.

An employee explained that this is good for the environment, as the maggots are normally thrown away or given to pigs. A professor said that people are willing to eat gourmet burgers made from insects, but they may not be willing to eat ice cream like this. He said that plant alternatives to dairy taste better and are culturally easier to stomach.

People who tried the ice cream said that it tasted like organic or vegan ice cream. The store wants to spread from South Africa to other parts of Africa, Europe, and then the United States.

Difficult words: maggot (a soft, legless larva of a fly or other insect which looks like a worm), stomach (digest or eat; understand or accept).

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