Iran Kills Protesters – level 3

11-12-2019 15:00

People in Iran have protested against the regime’s decision to increase gas prices by as much as 300 percent. There are reports that Iran has murdered over a thousand Iranian citizens since the protests started in November.

Iran’s regime has shut down the Internet and blocked the majority of foreign media that reported on the violence during the protests.

The US President, Donald Trump, said that the US supports the Iranian people and wants freedom for them. The Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, asked the Iranian people on Twitter to send videos, photos and information documenting the regime’s crackdown. So far, over 32,000 Iranians have sent information to the State Department.

According to US officials, thousands of Iranians have been hurt and at least 7,000 protesters are in prisons. The US has called for the immediate release of all protesters and political prisoners.

Difficult words: regime (a strong government), crackdown (a strong action by authority to stop something), release (to set free).

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