Iraq Attack – level 3

18-03-2020 07:00

On Wednesday evening, more than fifteen rockets hit the Taji military base in Iraq, and they killed 3 people.

Two of the people were American active-duty troops, and one person was a British medical technician. An official said that 5 service members were evacuated with serious injuries, and 7 more are under evaluation.

The rockets that hit the base were Russian-made, and they have previously been used by Iranian-backed militia groups. It was the deadliest attack on coalition troops in Iraq since December 2019. US officials said that it is too early to blame anybody for the attack; however, the attack could bring military conflicts between the US and Iran.

Difficult words: under evaluation (when officials check how someone is), militia group (a group of civilians who are trained and organized like an army), coalition troops (soldiers of different countries that cooperate in war).

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