Iraq Stops Islamic State – level 3

15-12-2017 15:00

Iraq’s military paraded to celebrate victory over Islamic State, as Prime Minister al-Abadi said that Iraq had gained control of the border with Syria.
In Barzan, Northwest Iraq, villagers returned to their ruined home, with many villagers selling aluminium that they find to survive. The mayor says that both Daesh and the Peshmerga destroyed hundreds of homes.

One man said that both groups destroyed the homes, and then the Peshmerga would not allow people to come back so they could change the demography. However, the Iraqi army and Shiite militias were able to stop this ideology of expansion.

The Kurdish president said that Arabs could not return to areas that were turned to Arab during Saddam’s rule.

Difficult words: Daesh (the Arabic name for the Islamic State of Iraq), Peshmerga (the military forces in Kurdistan), demography (the type of people who live in a place), ideology (a system of ideas, especially used in politics or economics), expansion (growth).

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