Ireland’s Good Friday Agreement – level 3

20-04-2018 07:00

From 1968 to 1998, a conflict called the Troubles happened in Northern Ireland. One side was Protestant Unionists who wanted to keep Ireland part of the United Kingdom.

The other side was Catholic Nationalists who wanted to keep Ireland a republic. The British government put in a new government to bring back order, but in response, the IRA, a paramilitary force, started a war of attrition to try to force the UK out. Around 3,500 people died between the fighting of paramilitary and security forces.

In the 1990s, both sides saw that the war was not going to stop and started peace talks. Eight political parties from Northern Ireland, the UK and Irish governments, and US President Bill Clinton were part of the talks. The deal was signed April 10, 1998, Good Friday.

Difficult words: the IRA (the Irish Republican Army), paramilitary (an unofficial force that is similar to the military), attrition (when you try to wear your enemy down through continuous fighting).

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