Italy Politician in Court – level 3

20-02-2020 07:00

Matteo Salvini is a former deputy Prime Minister of Italy and the leader of a right-wing opposition party.

Last year, he refused entry to a series of ships that were carrying Libyan migrants. He ordered to hold 131 migrants on an Italian ship. They were not allowed to disembark in Sicily, and after 7 days, they were transported to Spain. In December, an Italian court decided to charge Salvini for depriving the migrants of their freedom.

This week, the Italian Senate denied Salvini immunity. If he is found guilty, he can get up to 15 years in prison. After the vote, Salvini said that defending Italian borders was his duty, and that he is proud of what he has done.

Difficult words: right-wing party (a political party that supports tradition and is more conservative), disembark (to leave a ship), deprive (to prevent a person from having something), deny immunity (to not allow a political leader to avoid getting in trouble).

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