Italy Train Accident – level 3

11-02-2020 07:00

A high-speed passenger train derailed in the early hours of Thursday morning near Milan, northern Italy.

Officials said that the train was traveling at 180 mph when the engine car derailed, separated from the train, and slammed into a railroad building. The train was travelling to Bologna, with 33 people on board. Two railway workers were killed, and 27 people were injured.

Police confirm that maintenance work was done on that part of the railway line the evening before; however, it is not clear if there is a link between the maintenance and the accident. Police say that the cause of the crash remains unclear and is still under investigation.

Rail workers’ unions said that they will go on a strike throughout Italy on Friday in protest to the accident which they find serious and unacceptable.

Difficult words: derail (to leave the rails accidentally), slam (to move against something hard), maintenance (the work needed to keep something in good state).

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