Italy’s New Bridge – level 3

06-05-2020 07:00

The final piece of Genoa’s new bridge was moved into place less than two years since the previous bridge, which was built in 1960, collapsed.

The event claimed the lives of 43 people, and it shocked the world. What remained of the old bridge was demolished to make room for the new structure.

Besides Genoa’s new bridge, the world-renowned architect, Renzo Piano, designed for example, the Centre Pompidous in Paris or the New York Times building in New York.

Piano said that the bridge was made to last 1,000 years, and the total cost of the project exceeded €200 million.

Construction work did not stop despite the COVID-19 outbreak, which made the structure the first bridge that was built under social distancing restrictions. Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, welcomed the new structure as a symbol of unity and hope.

Difficult words: world-renowned (famous all over the world), exceed (to go beyond a set limit), social distancing restrictions (rules that order people to keep a physical distance between each other in order to prevent the spread of a disease).

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