Kimchi juice – level 1

02-12-2021 15:00

Kimchi is a Korean dish. People make it from cabbage, onions, and other vegetables.

Sometimes they put fish and hot pepper in kimchi. They ferment the vegetables. Ferment is a special process. In the process, bacteria change sugar into alcohol. Fermented vegetables is very healthy.

Park Yun-Kyung is a Korean businesswoman. She travels a lot. She misses kimchi when she is abroad.

Then she gets and idea. She makes a kimchi juice. She takes it with her on her business trips.

Kimchi is more popular during the coronavirus. People eat more health. Park wants to sell kimchi juice in more countries.

Difficult words: dish (food which a person prepares and eats), bacterium (a very small living thing which sometimes makes food dangerous, but it can be healthy, too), abroad (in or to another country).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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