Lights in the Sky – level 3

05-04-2021 07:00

A streak of light in the night sky over much of the Portland area of Oregon, US, spurred speculation among people. However, the mysterious bright lights weren’t planes or meteors, but they turned out to be debris from a SpaceX rocket.

The rocket was launched in Florida on March 4, and it was one of four SpaceX rockets launched in the last month. However, the rocket failed to perform a deorbit, and it reentered the Earth’s atmosphere at the wrong angle, causing it to burn up and scatter debris across the sky. Weather service officials said that they hadn’t heard of any impacts across the region, and they weren’t sure if some debris fell to the ground.

SpaceX launches happen regularly in California, Texas, and Florida, and for some Americans, it is a common thing to see unidentified rockets, or their debris, whizzing overhead; however, in the Seattle and Portland areas, the spectacle caused delight and bewilderment.

Difficult words: spur (to create, to inspire), deorbit (the process of going out of Earth’s orbit), whiz to move quickly through the air), bewilderment (a feeling of being confused).

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