London Knife Attack – level 3

06-12-2019 15:00

There was a recent knife attack that killed two people and injured others at London Bridge. Police shot and killed the attack suspect.

In 2012, the attack suspect went to jail due to a plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange. In 2018, authorities released him from jail with an “extensive list of license conditions.”

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said that he is ordering a license condition review for 74 other people who went to jail for terrorism and were released early. He said that if someone goes to jail for a serious terrorist crime, he should get a minimum sentence of 14 years or not be released. Johnson said that the review had to happen quickly to stop any other threats.

Difficult words: extensive (very long), license condition (rules that a person who went to jail must follow when he is free from jail), sentence (how long you must do something).

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