Lunar New Year – level 3

15-02-2019 07:00

On February 5th, Lunar New Year began. This year is the Year of the Pig.

In China, thousands of people celebrated it. Some performers re-enacted historical ceremonies, while people had family meetings and parties. Others burned the first joss sticks of the year to bring them good fortune.

In North Korea, people celebrated the new year, too, although a bit differently. They laid wreaths at the statues of their leaders and bowed to them. North Koreans did not use to recognise Lunar New Year, but now it is a holiday there, too. However, North Koreans must pay their respects to the country’s leaders.

In Singapore, people celebrated by having fireworks displays.

Difficult words: Lunar New Year (the new year based on the cycle of the moon; it is celebrated in many Asian countries and cultures), Year of the Pig (the Chinese zodiac has twelve animals for twelve years, including the pig; a zodiac is an idea that there are different important symbols in the sky), joss sticks (sticks which smell when you burn them).

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